Sauteed String Beans Recipe

| 7/15/2016 11:17:00 AM

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The green bean harvest is coming in. My kids watch them grow with anticipation. They love when I make string beans sautéed with soy sauce and garlic. They love this dish so much that they have to work at portion control.

Then there are a few nights when the green beans are plentiful in the harvest bowl. That’s a treat, because we have “All You Can Eat Bean Night”. It usually takes me a couple batches to make enough for these special evenings, and sometimes I keep them going throughout the meal. You can see why it is an occasional offering.

Our CSA members are likely anticipating the green bean harvest, too. At House in the Woods Farm, we offer U-pick green beans to our CSA members as a membership perk. It gets them involved and out on the field. Picking their own beans is one step closer to knowing where their food comes from and how it grows.

It gives members a taste of the hard work it takes to grow food, and the deep appreciation that comes from eating food you harvested yourself. Also, picking green beans is intensive work and would take us too long to harvest beans for 50 CSA members.

Blanching and Freezing Green Beans

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