Rumtopf Crock with Organic Fruit for Christmas Food Gifts and Desserts

| 12/12/2016 4:14:00 PM

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My favorite part of living two years in Germany was learning local customs and traditional foods from German friends. The crock I brought home those decades ago is called a “rumtopf.” This rumtopf helps me celebrate memories of Germany every summer as I use the organic fruit we grow to create rumtopf for Christmas food gifts and desserts.

“Rumtopf” refers not only to the crock but to its contents. Rumtopf is a fermented blend of fruit, sugar and rum. It is traditionally made with fully-ripened fruit of the season, when fruit is its most flavorful. Each fruit is layered into the rumtopf as it comes into season. The specific fruits may vary each year on our homestead, but every year brings delicious results.

Rumtopf Recipe

The basic recipe for rumtopf requires weighing the amount of washed fruit intended for the rumtopf and mixing the fruit with ½ its weight in sugar. The sugary fruit is then placed in the rumtopf and covered with rum. A small saucer keeps the fruit submerged and the rumtopf lid sits tightly on its crock. When the next fruit becomes ripe, it is mixed with sugar, placed on top of the previous fruit and again covered with rum.

My German friends certainly didn’t use a recipe —they just tossed each seasonal fruit with “plenty” of sugar. Non-organic fruit contains so many chemicals that I treasure our organic fruit and use organic sugar to complement it. Because this rumtopf is destined for Christmas food gifts and desserts, I want it to be the best!

Rumtopf crocks can be bought online, but are expensive. Consider using a glazed cookie jar with a well-fitted lid. Canning jars can be used and decorated as an attractive Christmas food gift idea.

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