Rose Water Recipe

This traditional Rose Water Recipe can be used as a special flavoring for your favorite cake.

| March/April 1971

This Rose Water Recipe can be used to provide a sweet rose flavoring in desserts.

Rose Water Recipe

Rose Water is a useful recipe which our grandmothers made often by gathering rose petals, covering them with water (which should just cover the petals), bringing them slowly to a boil and letting them simmer for a few minutes. They found this pleasant and fragrant to wash in.

In other countries Rose Water is highly prized and used for other purposes. In India, for example, it's used to flavor soft drinks, sherbets, ice cream, cakes and many other delicacies. Rose Water often appears on the table in Turkey and is used as we would use catsup or a savory sauce. The Arabs call Rose Water "the dew of Paradise" and even use it as a glaze for roasting fowls. This glaze is made by mixing together 3 tablespoons honey, 2 tablespoons melted butter and one tablespoon Rose Water. Paint it on with a pastry brush and use any that remains for basting. I also flavor white cake frosting with Rose Extract which gives the icing both a delicious taste and a delightful fragrance.

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