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Rishi Tea Introduces 12 New Teas(2)

Rishi Tea has handcrafted 12 new loose leaf tea blends, including 6 innovative botanical blends, 3 delicious chai teas, 2 energizing green teas and an aromatic oolong – perfect for fall and the holidays.

One of the fastest growing segments in the tea industry is “wellness tea,” but few premium loose leaf options exist. We’ve crafted six functional wellness blends that are naturally caffeine-free, organic and absolutely delicious. These blends include Bergamot Sage, Hibiscus Berry, Red Ginseng Recharge, Serene Dream, Turmeric Ginger and White Ginseng Detox.

Chocolate Maté Chai, Green Tea Chai and Vanilla Mint Chai draw upon exotic and inspired ingredients designed for slow-brewing or infusing like tea.

Hot Rod Green Tea and Raspberry Green Tea fuse superfruits and naturally energizing herbs with green tea for a natural mood boosting and uplifting beverage.

And finally, our new Coconut Oolong perfectly blends Bao Zhong oolong with creamy coconut for a smooth and decadent tea. 

“Our thought process comes from the kitchen, not the lab,” says Joshua Kaiser, Rishi Tea founder. “We’re making innovative and interesting teas that represent different cultures and traditions. We look to ancient techniques to balance all aspects of the tea blend from energy and flavor to aroma and mouthfeel.”

All potential tea ingredients undergo a scrupulous evaluation process. Numerous herbs and fruits from various origins are tasted multiple times to determine the best ingredient for each blend, using organic certified ingredients and essential oils whenever possible. These thorough and precise measures result in well-balanced, high quality blends with nuance and depth.

All new teas are available for wholesale and will be available online at by August 5th. The new Chai teas will launch as part of Rishi’s Retail Tin Line in October 2010 – in time for the holidays. 

Please contact me for samples and learn more about our 12 new teas.

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