Recipes and Coupon for Baking with Einkorn

| 3/9/2014 2:56:00 PM

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Super Soft Einkorn Bread

Several years ago when my first son was starting to eat solid foods I became much more thoughtful about food in general and my definition of “eating healthy” underwent a massive makeover. It was and is important to me to provide my family with the very best nourishment possible. Bread is practically synonymous with nourishment but the breads that fill the shelves of the grocery stores bear little resemblance to the bread of our ancestors. I always bought “healthy, whole grain bread” (you know, the more expensive kind) and felt pretty good about it but then one day I looked at the ingredients and was shocked. High fructose corn syrup in a product I had felt great about eating for years (not to mention a whole host of other ingredients I couldn’t even pronounce). I felt like that company had really pulled the wool over my eyes so I looked at the ingredient list of another brand and another only to find one single brand in an entire aisle that did not have high fructose corn syrup. This is when I realized that bread as I knew it is not real bread and if I want my family to continue to enjoy it I should learn to bake it.

I started baking bread using organic, all purpose flour and commercial yeast but then thought that it would be better to use organic, whole wheat flour so I switched. I felt great about sending my son to school knowing that his sandwich was on homemade bread. It wasn’t long though before I started wondering how bread had been made before the (fairly recent) invention of packaged yeast; that’s when I discovered sourdough, and then spelt. After my second son was born and had a sensitivity to many foods a good friend told me about einkorn. Once I tried baking with einkorn there was no turning back. My research has led me to believe that using einkorn to bake sourdough bread is as nutritious and easily digestible as it gets and my taste buds prefer it to spelt, kamut or whole wheat. It is absolutely delicious.

Einkorn Wheat Nutrition

Einkorn is the first form of wheat cultivated by man about 12,000 years ago. To put that into perspective, spelt was first planted roughly 5,000 years ago and quinoa roughly 4,000 years ago. All you need to do to see just how far modern wheat is removed from einkorn is to look at a kernel of each side by side. Compared with modern wheat einkorn has:

30 percent more protein (the same amount as quinoa), 20 percent more zinc, 10 percent more iron, 200 more lutein, 150 percent more tocotrienols and significantly higher levels of B vitamins

15 percent less total starch

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