Reader Callout: Submit Your Kitchen Tips

| 11/18/2010 2:02:47 PM

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Do you have ideas of ways to make things easier, cheaper or more efficient in your kitchen? Innovative recycling ideas, time-savers, money-savers, new uses for specific gadgets, etc.? Share your ideas with us and other readers in the comments section below. And check out the Real Food section of the print magazine, where we will publish some of the best reader input.

Laurel Averill
12/19/2011 6:09:38 PM

When I am finished canning something, I use the boiling water bath to clean my bird feeders. They often get all gunked up with wet food and mold. This is a great way to clean them and save energy.

anna kim
7/10/2011 10:21:44 AM

I recently discovered that the car dash board can be used as a food dehydrator. I have dried herbs by placing them on a cookie sheet on the dash and left the car in the driveway on a nice sunny day. A few hours later, the herbs are dried and car smells great. We have also cooked apple chips and look forward to trying dry tomatoes in a few weeks when our harvest comes in.

11/19/2010 12:01:41 PM

I know that this is common sense but I see it used very rarely in kitchens; and I am in about 200 kitchens a year. The knife block or rack should be directly next to the sink. You should not carry this task around the kitchen so as not to contaminate surfaces with bacteria from meat and so on. So cut and clean and put away should be within a foot or so of each other. BTW it is just safer for every knife to have its own storage slot. A jumbled knife drawer is a sure place to get "knifed".

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