Do You Work in Food?

| 10/6/2010 5:05:36 PM

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Do you grow food, make cheese, work in a food factory, organize urban gardens? Are you a chef, food bank volunteer, food photographer? If your job is food-related, we want to hear about it. What do you do? How did you get your job? Would you recommend your line of work to others looking for new careers? Any resources to share? Please respond in the comments section below.

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10/11/2010 12:51:04 PM

I have been employed at a non-profit children's home for teens with behavioral problems for 17 years. We serve approximately 100 people, on average, per meal. I have almost always worked in some aspect of food service. I was a restaurant manager when my son was born, and decided a less demanding job would fit more into a family lifestyle. For a year, I worked as a cook at a child daycare. I was able to take my son with me. He developed his social skills while I worked for 4 hours a day. I got the position at the children's home by responding to an ad in the local newspaper. After several interviews, background checks, a physical and a drug screening, I got the job. The pay is not great. I could make more else where, but they compensate by having good benefits and daily I am rewarded by the kid's smiling faces. We serve cafeteria style. Each cook is responsible for a meal from A-Z. We prepare the entree, side dishes, breads, dessert, condiments, etc. During mealtime, the cook serves from a steam table. On their birthday, each child gets a choice of a birthday cake or jumbo, decorated, chocolate chip cookie. A few children have jobs working with us in the kitchen. Patience is important during those times. I would say I might be over qualified for the position, but my knowledge of food safety, sanitation, people skills, a history of cooking for children, and a cake decorating class I had taken many years prior, helped me get the job.

10/10/2010 3:41:50 PM

We own and operate a raw milk dairy and raise patured chickens and turkeys and a few hogs.we deliver to several large cities 2 hours away every week the customers are great and are more like friends .weve farmed all our lives starting in the early 70s with beef cows and then added row crops and after expanding to a point that was too big too commercial too chemical started over on 150 acres with food for people as our motto have always been anti GMO and organic minded .the hours are long and hard and the weather extremes have made things very difficult . we havent reach a place in our vocation where we could recmd this to anybody we havent been able to find help that could do everything so we could get away. whats a vacation? have been thinking of trying an intern or 2 and also have found a young man who is interested in helping out So in time things may work out. if somebody wants to try this kind of work I would recmd finding a grass dairy and helping out a while and seeing if you like it ,the experiece would be invaluable.the money has been o k but expenses are so high its tough to manage it all.couldnt have made it this far without the Lord. the weston a price foundation has been a tremendous help in marketing as well as word of mouth from otherhappy customers . You have to love what you do or it gets old fast but like my dad always said every job has a little poop to scoop

10/9/2010 1:02:50 PM

I work for a bakery in a supermarket chain (publix) The money is very good if you are in management, a bakery manager makes $65ooo a year. for a drop out, it s pretty good, the hours are long (5o + a week) Job is easy (compare to independant bakery) Publix trains you from the ground up. pressure is big, but not as big as it would be in a small bakery. Thay haden't had a lay off in 80 years. Nothing natural, or green, unless you work for "greenwise" Would I recommend the job, : yes BUT, be ready to sacrifice a lot, week ends, holidays, benefits are good, insurance, sick time off, vacations.

k. ray
10/8/2010 4:08:17 PM

I never worked with food until I retired from a professional career. Now, retired, I find myself very involved in a local food pantry and love it. I am trying to find ways of providing nutritious food for our locals. It is extremely interesting and challenging. I am also surprised at the number of seniors doing this work. It must be pleasing to us all.

10/8/2010 12:43:38 PM

As Co-Founder of Good Food Jobs, we created an online job search engine ( to satisfy everyone's hunger for meaningful food work. We thought, there are only a certain number of people that we could help if we had our own food business (we threw around ideas about a canning company or a small-scale dairy), but what if we started a business that helped all other food businesses (that could then reach out to all of their customers)? We could exponentially expand the amount of good we could do. What is the one thing that every business needs? People! Voila. Good Food Jobs. So that's our story. We want to hear yours. And of course, if you're perusing this because you're LOOKING for a good food job, now you know where to find one ;) Hear more stories at our blog, the "gastrognomes" ( taylor cocalis

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