Quick Healthy Salad using Farm Fresh Ingredients and Honey Smoked Salmon

| 8/25/2017 10:36:00 AM

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During a visit to the National Restaurant Association’s NRA Show in Chicago, Lisa Kivirist and I are always on the lookout for the lines at an exhibit booth. We love to cover the latest in culinary trends, whether cooking by induction or making cocktails with ginger beer.

Like a crowded parking lot outside the best local diner in town, lines at the nation’s largest food and beverage show are markers for excellence, taste, value or innovation. When crowds of chefs, restaurateurs, servers and cooks opt to get into a cue to sample a salad at a convention center overflowing with a cornucopia of food and drink options, you get a sense that whatever is being sampled is great.

And it was, at the Honey Smoked Fish Company’s booth. Instead a chef twirling a spatula that you might find at a Japanese hibachi restaurant, Founder Kevin Mason was mixing up a huge bowl of salad, to which he added his Honey Smoked Salmon.

“We do one thing and one thing only, make the world’s finest lightly hot-smoked salmon that’s fully cooked and ready to eat right out of the package,” says Mason, while spinning his bowl, chatting up the benefits of high omega-3 fatty acids, and smiling a lot.

Each salad is packed full of nutrition and the bold Atlantic salmon flavor. It is melt in your mouth tasty. We had a choice of 5 preparations of Honey Smoked Salmon: Original, Cracked Peppers, Cajun, Chipotle Lime and Lemon Pepper. Honey Smoked Salmon is widely distributed throughout the US, but can be shipped out as well. All fish is shipped fresh, never frozen, directly from the smokehouse. Honey Smoked Salmon is hot smoked, different than cold smoked salmon, also known as lox.

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