Pozole and Homemade Hominy Recipes

Learn how to make pozole and homemade hominy recipes, includes suggestions for pozole chiles, making homemade hominy and an authentic Mexican recipe for pozole soup.

| September/October 1982


Onions . . . cabbage, and lime juice are all but indispensable pozole condiments.


Learn how to make pozole and homemade hominy recipes that are authentic Mexican food, including Pozole, a hearty Mexican pork-and-hominy soup and a recipe for homemade hominy. 

Here's a pork-and-hominy favorite from Mexico that might be the most gut-satisfying, gizzard-tickling, stick-to-your-ribs soup you and your family have ever eaten on a chilly autumn day.

Hominy is made by boiling soaked corn in a hydrated lime solution to loosen the hulls.

Ask ten random norteamericanos what pozole (pronounced poh-soh-lay) is, and you may very well get ten blank stares in response when it comes to pozole and homemade hominy recipes. And that's an unfortunate state of affairs, because this hearty Mexican pork-and-hominy soup is one of the best tasting, most satisfying, and economical concoctions ever to be ladled into a bowl.

Folks down Guadalajara way, in the Mexican state of Jalisco, will swear that their cooks prepare the only true pozole, while many señores and señoras from nearby Michoacan (who have their own cooking methods) will tell you that their region's version is the authentic one. The truth is that pozole — like most hearty soups and stews — can be made in a number of ways . . . varying with such factors as personal taste and what's in the larder on a given day. In fact, it seems that almost every pozole chef has his or her own pet recipe. I learned mine (which, of course, I believe is the best going) from a lady named Conchita, and it's peasant-style all the way.


To prepare it, you'll need the following ingredients:
2 pounds of fresh boneless pork
2 pounds of pork neck bones (for stock)
2 tablespoons of salt (or enough to suit your taste)
2 cans (15-ounce) of white or yellow hominy, drained 2 tablespoons of powdered pasilla chile (or California chile or ordinary chile powder . . . see the information on chiles at the end of this article.)

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