Play it again, Sam. Er, Cole.

| 11/28/2011 2:35:42 PM

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You may know that I play jazz accordion. Or not. Now you do. Well, I also play piano. Here's the story...

When I was a kid I was placed into an orphanage for four years because my mother simply couldn't afford to keep me and my siblings.Well, anyway, there was this great old piano at that orphanage.

Back at home we'd always had an old piano around, and I'd fooled around on it for as long as I could remember. So I really wanted to play that orphanage piano.

But the Matron wouldn't let me. She wouldn't let any of the orphanage boys play. She said that boys who played piano were sissies. Mind you, she also loved Liberace.

Now I was every bit as masculine as he was, so I would sit on the stairs in the front hall and listen to my sisters and all the other girls play. It frustrated me so much that I promised myself that one day — if I ever got out of there — I would learn to play better than any of them.

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