A Pickling Story

| 8/9/2016 2:10:00 PM

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Our farm guest, Olivia, is sitting at the kitchen table. As she peels garlic for the pickles we are making, she asks, “What is the process for pickling?” It’s simple, I reply. Boil the open empty jars to sterilize them, then fill them up with the hot cucumber mixture, put on lids and boil the filled jars.

Cucumbers Onions

It sounds simple enough. “We’re going to make a quadruple batch of Bread and Butter Pickles”, I say cheerfully, “since we picked a lot of cucumbers this morning.”

I am happy to get so many pickles canned in one day. It is easy enough to slice the cucumbers in the food processor, peel some onions, salt it all down and set it under ice for a few hours. I am easily deceived into a foolhardy plan. It will be an evening of canning, I tell Olivia. We might be up late.

With a few other obligations in the day, and then kids need dinner — we get a late start to the canning portion of our project. The ice has melted from the bowls of salted cucumbers. Time to gather jars and rings. Do I have boxes of new lids? Yes, excellent.

I am ready to roll, looking for the canning pot. It is not with my propane burner where I expect it. The pot is in the front yard, exactly where hubby and son plucked a couple chickens three months ago. They used the pot to collect feathers. Nice. Add an hour to clean the canning pot and boil water to sterilize it. Empty canning pot and add fresh water. Start over.

8/10/2016 12:03:54 PM

Thanks, Wendy! I enjoyed your blog post! Some great tips, I will make some ginger puree.

8/9/2016 10:30:18 PM

LOL! literally. Please read my post: "Get Ready to Pickle" later this week. Hope those pickles turned out OK. Beautiful cukes! get Ready to

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