Pesto Three Ways

| 8/20/2015 2:17:00 PM

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Every summer, I make sure that I get plenty of pesto made and put up in little tubs in the freezer — enough to get me through the winter. There are three different kinds I like to have on hand for use in various dishes. It’s easy to make, freezes well, and makes an ordinary meal into something special.

Freezing pesto. I must have several tubs of various pestos to get me through the winter!  I make a large batch – my ancient Cuisinart will do about 8 cups of basil leaves. When the pesto is prepared, I divide it into 4-ounce and 8-ounce freezer tubs, smooth the surface and coat with more olive oil. Stack these in the freezer. If I scoop out just part of a tub, I add more oil to protect it.

A note on garlic. Some recipes for pesto call for a lot of raw garlic and it will sometimes overpower the basil. I like to use roasted garlic instead so that I get a base note of sweet garlic. (But if you like raw garlic, by all means use it.)

Pesto Recipe (Italy)

I love this traditional pesto, though I use pecans instead of pine nuts, and I stir it into pasta, spread it on Italian-style sandwiches, mix it into hummus, and even make spiral bread. Multiply this recipe by as many cups of fresh basil you have. The more, the merrier. Yields one cup.


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