Perfect Weather Produces a Plethora of Peaches (with a Recipe for Stir-fry)

| 8/1/2017 1:50:00 PM

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Because of where we live in Ohio, Growing Zone 6a, our peach production can vary widely. Some years can bring a killing (or at least severely limiting) frost at just the wrong time for the blossoms and young fruit; other years can conspire against a good crop with ill-timed rain or drought conditions. This year, we had just the right combination of sunny warmth and sumptuous rains to gift us with a bevy of peaches.

I was able to harvest four and a half buckets of yummy fruit, leaving the hardest to reach for the birds without regret. We had fresh, sumptuous peaches for breakfast and dessert every day for ten luscious days. I froze bags for future use. Some of our sliced bits of sweetness currently sit in mead turning it into melomel. I also threw some halves into a jar with my favorite concoction to create a version of rumtopf for the holidays this winter.

Before we were all peached out, I decided to try a more unusual sampling that raised a high eyebrow from my husband when I mentioned it—peaches with chicken, stir-fry style. Thankfully, he’s an adventurous eater and was rather pleasantly surprised with the dinner created that night.


The recipe below (like most of my recipes) is tailored to our particular palates. I would urge you to try it as is and then change it at will to bring smiles to your own faces. Add more spice with the heat of some chiles or alter the amounts of ginger and garlic. Throwing in more vegetables is a great way of changing things up—I happened to have kale in abundance from the garden just then. Another way to shift this recipe would be to add the peaches at the last minute for more intact peaches.

8/5/2017 12:54:52 PM

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