The Perfect Tomato Sandwich

| 8/20/2008 3:54:23 PM

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You must start with a summer ripened tomato. Any color will do, but it has to be dead-ripe, succulent, and bursting with juice. It should never be refrigerated. 

Next you need mayonnaise. If you don't like mayo, you are just plain up the creek without a paddle. I suppose you could drift along with olive oil, or nothing at all, but mayo is part of the magic of a perfect tomato sandwich.

The bread must be soft and yielding, never toasted, the better to absorb the mayonnaise and juice of the tomatoes. Last but not least, salt and freshly ground pepper are the essential seasonings.


Wash and dry your chosen tomato, and use your sharpest serrated knife to slice it. Go thick or thin (I like to pile them two high). Spread the mayonnaise on both slices, making sure it flows all the way to the edges, perhaps with an artful drip over the edge. Fit the tomatoes onto the sandwich as best you can.

Serving Suggestions:

Sandwich in hand, you may now move to the sink and start eating. Letting the juice run down your chin or your hands is handy for clean-up. Option two is to put your sandwich on a plate and take it out to the back stoop, where it can drip and run while you soak up the sunshine in which the tomato was grown. If you must sit at a table, don't forget napkins.

9/9/2008 7:50:46 PM

i didn't hear any mention of bacon..... i know it's bad for you, but if ANYTHING gives you a good reason to eat it, it's a homegrown tomato! i'll also say that the "veggie" bacon is good too (brand name withheld but it starts with an "m"- not an ad- just the only brand i've had) B+L+T -L (lettuce is worthless, lets face it..) = heaven on bread. and though i hate to add a brand-name, "a sandwhich just isn't a sandwich without..." i like the real mayo on other things, but.... come on, it's "miracle whip"!!!

carole rountree
9/8/2008 7:56:23 AM

i am so happy to find this website.

9/5/2008 9:06:24 AM

Another version of this sandwich is to add sliced avocado and sprouts. Yummy!

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