Nut Butter Cups Recipe

| 5/12/2014 10:38:00 AM

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nut butter cups

I am a serious chocoholic. Most mornings I hunt for some sort of chocolate morsel to get me through the process of preparing breakfast—tedious procedure that pouring cereal into a bowl can be.

By mid-morning I’ll go looking for another dark brown nubbin of goodness, and some time before or after dinner the chocolate tanks will demand to be filled again.

One of my favorite treats to have on hand for chocolate emergencies is a batch of homemade nut-butter cups. With a shell of the dark chocolate I crave and a wholesome and filling nut-butter interior, one of these babies can transform an afternoon guilty pleasure into a legitimate, hunger-curbing snack.

Now make no mistake, if you’re looking for a Reese’s Cup copycat recipe, you won’t find that here. These cups have two ingredients: dark chocolate and nut butter. If you like things a little on the sweeter side, look for a dark chocolate with a lower cacao percentage (that translates to a higher percentage of sugar), and/or consider using a sweetened nut butter. Jiff Natural peanut butter works really well from both a texture and flavor standpoint (heads up: while it differs from the regular supermarket stuff in that it is free of trans-fats, it has been fortified with sugar, palm oil, salt, and molasses), but truly natural nut or seed butter of any variety can be sweetened with honey or your favorite natural sweetener to taste if desired.

My original method for creating homemade nut-butter cups was pretty involved, but this streamlined version works just as well with much less time and effort. Try layering a teaspoon each of sunflower-seed butter, macadamia butter, and peanut butter for my all-time favorite results. Yield 12 nut-butter cups.

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