A Natural Foods Wedding Feast

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Tea and cake. Don't leave them out of your wedding feast.
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A selection of delicious natural foods you can serve at your wedding feast.

With the hope that nature will lend its beauty to a beautiful occasion, it’s customary this time of year for marrying couples to have their wedding receptions outdoors. But whether yours is outside or in, you can deliver nature’s bounty to your guests in the form of natural foods.

We’ve compiled a few dishes to help you get started. Even though the cakes might be best consumed with a fork, the theme here is primarily viands you hold in your fingers and dip — what could be more natural than eating with your hands? We’re sure that with these recipes and a bit of luck, you will deliver a wedding feast to remember on a special, joyful day you’ll always remember.

Wedding Refreshments Recipes

Orange Date Cake
Spice Cake
Swedish Rye Bread
Cheese Trays and Cheese Fondue
Yogurt Dip
Red Bean Dip
Blue Cottage Cheese Dip
Iced Herb Tea Punch

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