Mushroom Hunting in France

| 8/4/2016 12:07:00 PM

Tags: mushrooms, food foraging, wild edibles, France, Hannah Wernet,

 Catch of the Day

What I love about living in France is that it seems that just about everyone is interested in food. When you arrange a trip to go mushroom foraging, you won’t just get a group of esoteric foodies, but an enthusiastic oui from everyone you invite.

I was just settling down for a sieste when Thomas called (none of the characters in this story have particularly French names). It had been raining on and off the last few days, and now the weather was fine. There was a chance we might be able to pick our first mushrooms of the season.

Considerations for Mushroom Hunting

I equipped myself with a small Tupperware box, and a knife. I had read that there are vipers in the French woods, and that for some reason, they prefer to bite women, so I wore a stout pair of boots.

When I got to Thomas’s house, I saw that he had stuffed his tiny car full of wicker baskets. I looked at my little box. Clearly it was going to be useless for the bumper harvest that Thomas expected, and I cast it aside.

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