More Tips on Roasting Green Coffee at Home

| 6/17/2014 2:31:00 PM

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We. Love. Coffee.yellowing

Every morning we make a pot and drink it up; some mornings making a little more, just for the two of us.   We weaned ourselves off grocery store coffee years ago and began grinding roasted beans from the local health food store‘s organic and non-organic offerings. That lasted several years and the coffee was good, but not great.

Traveling to British Columbia one summer we stayed at a B&B on Thetis Island, home of a small local coffee roaster. Their coffee was featured at the B&B and that began our odyssey to home roast. Such an epiphany! It was the best coffee we ever drank.

How serendipitous to find that it is easy to roast your own coffee beans! Mother Earth News just posted a coffee-roasting blog in April but I want to share my own experiences. When I roast coffee, I want to roast more than ½ or 1 lb. I want to roast at least 3 lbs at a time. Thankfully, it does not take much longer to roast a larger batch than a smaller one and the results do last a bit longer.

How to Roast Coffee At Homegreen coffee

What you will need:

Green coffee beans
Stainless steel roasting pan (minimum 11” x 13,” mine is 12” x 16”)
Large wooden spoon (will not conduct heat)
Oven for preheating the beans
Gas grill for finishing the beans
Heat gun or blow dryer
Metal colander

6/29/2014 3:04:48 PM

BTW- Just made a batch using an entire 1 gallon jar of green coffee beans. Twice the amount in less than twice the time (used the same pan as above). Did have to be careful stirring as beans tried to escape but in the future I will only roast "double batches" like this. Yay!

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