Reader Tips on Making Your Own Yogurt

Barbara Theil's article "Make Yer Own Yogurt Maker" certainly inspired a flood of favorite down-home methods for brewing up a batch of the creamy treat.

| July/August 1972

Yogurt making trust certainly be one of those basic, well-loved arts that brings out the ingenuity in people! Barbara Thiel's "Make Yer Own" article in MOTHER NO. 14, at any rate, certainly inspired a flood of favorite down-home methods for brewing up a batch of the creamy treat. Most—although quite inventive—are variations on the same theme, however, so we now consider our yogurt class closed for the time being.   

Watch the Cord

The yogurt maker in MOTHER NO. 14 works great except that too much heat builds up in the bottom can where the light bulb is.. . my cord began to melt and smoked up the first batch I made. On later tries, I ended up putting the cord and attachment for the bulb on the outside and left only the bulb itself on the inside.

Robin Shaw
New York, N.Y,

Incubate With Towels

I, too, am a yogurt fan but was taught a way of incubating that's cheaper and easier than Barbara Thiel's, After you put your yogurt in the jars, wrap each container in a terry cloth towel or piece of heavy material. Put the jars in a pot (or clam steamer or metal box or cooler or whatever) which has also been lined with towels. Place the lid on the pot, put a weight of any kind on the lid and just let things sit for six to eight hours. Delicious!

Nancy Cox
Woods Hole, Mass.

No Yogurt Maker Needed

Barbara Thiel's method of making yogurt is novel and makes for interesting reading, but it's not as practical and money-saving as mine . . . which uses very little electricity and costs practically retiring because there IS no yogurt maker involved.

Michael Reeps
12/10/2008 9:07:48 AM

I own and operate the website, which I think would be a nice companion to this article. It features step-by-step directions, with photographic examples, which will have you making yogurt in no time at all. Here is a link: I hope your readers find this a valuable resource.

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