How to Make Homemade Fresh Cream Butter From Scratch

Make homemade fresh cream butter from scratch is easy, save money using cream for your butter and the satisfaction of butter made easy and delicious too.

| December 2001/January 2002

You can make homemade fresh cream butter for your family in a few easy steps. 

With little know-how and not much money, you can make homemade fresh cream butter easier than your ancestors did. The result is satisfyingly tasty, easy on the wallet and part of a healthier diet.

There are several reasons to make butter instead of purchasing it. First, real butter is cream, shaken (not stirred) and it provides a basic dietary fat without any unnecessary additives. Modern commercially processed butter can have a variable salt content, and low-fat butters can contain artificial flavoring and coloring, which do little for the palate or waistline. All these additives are allowed under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration requirements.

Second, the heavy cream needed to make real butter can be inexpensively obtained from the grocery store or local dairy cow (about $1 a pint — even cheaper from a local dairy).

Finally, physically shaking the real butter into existence is extremely gratifying. With some instruction, it's easy to make and eat butter the way Mother Nature (or at least Great-grandmother) intended.

For a basic butter recipe, leave 1 pint of heavy cream (also called whipping cream) out on a counter for a few hours until it is slightly sour. If you are using ultra-pasteurized cream, souring can take up to a full day. It's not necessary, but will make your butter taste much better.

Dianna Holland_1
5/23/2009 1:31:53 PM

a dollar a pint for raw cream, must be a old article ,ha it cost me 14 dollars for a half gallon and I only get a small amount of butter

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