Hot-Pepper 'Magic Sauce' Recipe

| 11/8/2016 1:12:00 PM

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 fresh hot sauce

Freshly made Magic Hot Sauce. I omitted the paprika this time, so it looks more yellowish. 

Although the season is practically at an end, we are still reaping an abundant harvest of hot peppers, which I’ve been making into so-called Magic Sauce. Why do I call it magic? Well, because it improves the taste of pretty much any dish – it can be added to soups and stews, slathered over chicken before it goes into the oven, sneaked into pasta sauce for a spicy surprise, added to toast for a sharp, hot twist, mixed with cream cheese to create a spicy dip — you name it!

It's my favorite cooking secret and I just love it when people look up from whatever they are eating and ask, "what did you put in there to make it taste so good?"

Warning: The capsaicin in hot peppers can be extremely irritating when it comes in contact with bare skin, so always wear gloves when handling hot peppers, and be careful not to touch your face – or even worse, your eyes. Keep small children well away from your working area. I’m speaking from experience – I was careless once, and had to endure an extremely unpleasant couple of hours with intense burning sensation in my hands.

I don’t use exact measurements for this sauce, but do a little variation each time according to what I have on hand, deriving some inspiration from traditional Yemenite zhug. Having said that, you will need:

11/24/2016 2:09:41 PM

How can I make a hot sauce that will keep all year at ROOM TEMP, like Tobasco et al. ?

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