Lusciously Moist Baby Back Ribs from the Instant Pot

| 8/14/2017 11:24:00 AM

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I recently cobbled together the recipe below in my usual way—reading through several other recipes, considered the things I had on-hand, tailored the flavors to our tastes, and dove into the deep end (though I know the deep end of my pool very well by this point in time).

One of my favorite ways to cook is to incorporate other foods that I have preserved, dried, frozen, or picked fresh from my garden. While I used my own pear preserves in this recipe, you could easily substitute your own peach preserves or a commercial fig spread—any fruit concoction that brings smiles to the diner’s faces is worthy of a try. I urge cooks to mine the treasures they already have in their supplies and to create with the tastes of their family’s palates in mind.

Just a few weeks ago I processed some of my freshly dug and dried garlic into a brine bath. At the same time, I started more cloves fermenting in honey for future use. I have been using the brined garlic nearly every day since it was ready so it was easy for me to include it as the final topping in this recipe. Your use of unfermented, fresh garlic will work just fine. I have no doubt that the honey-fermented garlic will also find its way into this dish in our kitchen by the end of fall—perhaps even into some homemade barbecue sauce.

While the following is written for one rack of 15 baby back ribs, time could be varied depending on more or less meat being cooked—use your best judgment. Many people love to slather ribs in tasty, dripping goodness that’s finger-lickin’ good. We prefer these ribs lighter on the sauce so their rich meaty flavor is more highlighted. I leave the slathering levels up to the individual chef’s taste, hence the lack of more specific quantities for topping ingredients.


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