Kitchen Notes

Kitchen recipes made simple from persimmon beer to rye bread.

| October/November 1991

The following kitchen notes are reprinted from a 1915 edition of The Country Gentleman, a farm journal stuffed with practical country-living tips and home-baked gems. So get out your teacup and start measuring!

Persimmon Beer. Ingredients: Five pounds of lump sugar, three gallons of water, a quarter of a teacupful of yeast, a slice of toasted bread, two lemons and eight persimmons. Boil the sugar and the water for an hour. When it is cold, add the persimmons (sliced), the juice and peels of the lemons and the yeast on the bread.

Let stand for two or three days in a tub covered with a thick cloth. Then strain and bottle it. It will be ready to drink in five days after it is bottled.

Nut Sandwiches. Nuts may be used very successfully in sandwiches for the school luncheon. Black or English walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans and hickory nuts may be used in the following recipes.

These sandwiches may well take the place of cake in the lunch box, as they supply the required sweets in a wholesome and delicious form. Well-baked bread, cut into even slices and buttered, should form the basis of all sandwiches.

Homemade Fillings 

Nut-Prune Filling. Wash prunes and soak overnight in enough water to cover. Allow them to simmer on the stove until the fruit is plump. Sweeten slightly, remove the prunes from the juice, and dry them out in the oven. Cool, remove the stones, and crush the fruit with chopped nut meats, using one to two nut meats for each prune.

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