Training the Next Generation of Craft Butchers

| 5/16/2013 10:37:00 AM

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Kari Underly of Range Meat Partners and Grrls Meat Camp, was part of the Good Food Financing Fair this year, and we asked Bob Benenson to check in about her plan for a comprehensive butchering academy in Chicago

The farm-to-table movement brings with it nose-to-tail eating as well, honoring animals by being careful to utilize the whole animal. There is great growth right now in the small-farm, pastured meat business, but this means we need more and more well-trained craft butchers.

Portland has Camas Davis, southern California has Lindy and Grundy, and Chicago has The Butcher and Larder and now we bring you Kari Underly who has a plan to train the next generation of craft butchers. 

Kari Underly, an Indiana native and Chicago resident, is known nationally for her mastery of meat cutting. Her skill at butchery led her in 2002 to start Range, a consulting firm based in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood that provides education and training, research and development, merchandising, and creative services for the fresh meat and perishable food industries.Kari Underly



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