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Just Right Granola

By Heidi Hunt

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Julie Anne'sWe receive many boxes of food products to try out in the MOTHER EARTH NEWS office. Manufacturers have sent us flax seeds, hemp oil, organic muffins, organic coffee, dehydrated veggies, soup mixes and, recently, a box of granola packages from Julie Anne’s All Natural Granola

I grew up in the hippie days of the ’70s when granola was the hip breakfast food. We all served it to our kids. They were not always impressed by the healthy, dry, crunchy mixture we mothers so lovingly prepared for our families. Over the years, I’ve tasted some pretty fair granola. But the arrival of Julie Anne’s granola raised my expectation level a number of notches. 

We sampled the Maple Blueberry Granola and the Berry Yummy PB&J Granola. They were both excellent, but we all agreed the maple/blueberry flavor was the absolute best. No milk needed, just eat it as is! 

I’d recommend both granola mixes for the newest healthy-eating generation.