Jelly Making Recipe Tips

These Jelly Making Recipe Tips will make cooking up and preserving your homegrown fruit much easier.

| July/August 1977

MOTHER's Bi-Monthly Almanac has helpful ideas, including natural remedies for sunburns.

Learn about these helpful Jelly Making Recipe Tips.

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Jelly Making Recipe Tips

It's traditional to seal home-canned jelly with a cover of melted paraffin . . . and just as traditional to cuss the plugs of congealed wax later when the jars are opened. You can lick the problem completely, however, if — the next time you put up jelly — you pour on only a small amount of paraffin first, lay a clean string across the glass, and then add the rest of the wax. The ends of the string will make handy handles for removing the paraffin whenever you desire.

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