Jelly From A 'Peel'

| 4/18/2018 9:10:00 AM

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Jelly with a 'peel'
Most traditional jellies are made with whole berry or fruit...but, not this one!

I learned a long time ago, from my Momma, about making everything go a little further. In the Fall, we would gather apples for applebutter making. We would peel the apples and the peel would be for making jelly.

Now when we harvest our fruit, mostly apples, we store away until needed. Sometimes depending on the apple they can last up into late winter. We sort through our fruit and see what needs to be used up before it ruins. The fruit can be peeled; the fruit put aside to make pies, sauce, cakes or whatever and the peel used for jelly! If you don't have time to process the peel at this time you can simply put it in a freezer bag or container and freeze for later use.

This can also be done with pears, peaches and kiwi...almost any fruit.

NOTE: Make sure you know the source of the fruit. Do NOT use fruit that has been treated with chemicals or have the peel waxed (unless beeswax is used).

Jelly with a 'peel'

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