How to Use Soured Milk to Make Cottage Cheese

| 11/10/2016 9:40:00 AM

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It happens. You buy a gallon of milk with good intentions but then an unscheduled trip out of town means it's been in the fridge a little too close to (or even just past) the date on the carton. I love milk and I drink it often. In our home there's always milk in the refrigerator. But an unplanned delay in us consuming it left it lightly soured.

But I won't throw it away, oh no! There's actually another delicious use for it: I'll use the soured milk to make homemade cottage cheese! Thankfully making cottage cheese is very quick and beyond easy to do.

Heat Lightly Soured Milk

I had about half a gallon of milk remaining and it was just past the date on the carton. Of course, I'd never try this with spoiled milk, but lightly soured milk is perfect to use for making cottage cheese.

I poured that milk into a pan and heated it to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. I was careful not to let the milk get hotter than that since too much heat could change the texture of the curds and make them rubbery. Low andslow heat is best.

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When my milk reached 185 degrees, I added a tablespoon of plain white vinegar. Using a slotted wooden spoon, I stirred until the milk curds began to separate from the whey. When I'd stirred for about 3 to 4 minutes, I figured the curds were as separated as it would get.

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