How To Throw a Green, Thrifty and Welcoming Potluck

| 4/2/2015 11:06:00 AM

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Potlucks can strengthen bonds in an existing group and attract potential new members. Because everyone brings something to share, they will have at least one thing to eat that they like. You'll have the right amount of food no matter how many people show up. And even if using a green approach takes a little coaching, you may find that your example inspires others to party greener too.

I hosted one of the spring potlucks for the Edible Earthscapes CSA (community supported agriculture) members. The other one will be on the farm, with an optional work session before lunch. These shared meals let the farmers and members get to know each other. We also get to try different ways of cooking the marvelous vegetables from the farm.

Farmer Haruka Oatis at CSA potluck

Use Double-Duty Name Tags for Less Stress and Better Conversations

Save your guests and yourself the awkwardness of stumbling for names by using name tags. Ask people to name a hobby or hot topic below their names. Now everyone has a reason to look at the name tags. This trick also lets you skip the small talk or same old topics, creating more opportunities for connection. At our party, I found an improv enthusiast who teaches the sort of classes I've been looking for. She was looking for more students.

reusable nametag holders

Go green by saving the name-tag holders that you couldn't turn it at conferences and events. Cut scrap paper to name-tag size. Provide markers instead of ball-point pens for easy reading at a distance.

4/13/2015 9:18:41 AM

As the chair of a church committee that deals with the feeding of a large group pot luck once a month, I read this,& have decided to send it to the entire church.Maybe they will take the hint and buy the church a dish washer at that point, since they are always whining about how we are polluting the Earth,BUT then throw garbage in the recycling bins. Thanks!

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