How to Make Homemade Apple Juice

| 9/26/2011 9:36:00 PM

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Turn a mountain of apples into fresh, delicious juice!  

Autumn means apples!  When you've made enough pies and jelly, think apple juice! No fancy juice extractor? This step-by-step method is for you! You can be sipping unfiltered, unsweetened apple juice with a minimal amount of time and effort! Here is what to do:

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Step One: Collect Apples

If you grow your own-- your in luck. Even crab apples will make a tasty drink. But if you don't, get some at your local farmer's market-- or better yet-- forage in your neighborhood like we did! We only had a few apples off of our own tree so we toured our town and asked homeowners for their unwanted fruit.  Store apples in a cool dark place until ready to use.

2/28/2018 8:52:47 AM

Please can anyone show me or tell me what preservatives I can use to make it last longer ? Please help me

5/19/2016 9:30:35 PM

I thought Mother Earth News was supposed to be more natural. You never want to cook fruits or vegetables, especially for the juice, so they stay live foods. The more raw the better. As far as taste, try fresh pressed cider next to a cooked version and see the difference. So, it may be easy and may even taste good, but it's not as good for you as the raw version. I was looking for a good way to press them, rather than buying an electric juicer.

10/16/2014 4:21:55 PM

This worked great! I mashed them as they got softer, until only the peels were the biggest chunks. And I put a little spices in as they cooked. I would do med-low heat, at least for me, because they kept bubbling rapidly. Once completely soft, placed it in a food mill (saved the pulp). Once it was like applesauce, I put muslin over a bowl, scooped the apple-mash in batches, and squeezed/wrung the juice out until there was only a couple TBSP apple "puree" left (like pumpkin puree). It takes some time this way, but soo worth it! Everyone loves it. Haven't found a way to use the "puree" and peels yet, though...

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