How To Make Ancho-Chili Powder

| 10/9/2014 9:52:00 AM

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So you want to know how I made homegrown-homemade Ancho-Chili Powder? It took a year to make. Here’s the timeline:

Spring 2013: buy Ancho-Chili Powder for making chili, and enjoy it. I used quite a bit of it. Think to self: hey, I grow peppers, bet I could make my own. This was the moment of inspiration. The moment of inspiration is an important part of the steps it takes to make something, right? So this was the beginning.

December 2013: Its seed-ordering time. Catalogues are on the kitchen table and piled on the coffee table. Lists are being made, reflections on what to keep, what to drop. What to add. “Hey, Phil, order some ancho pepper seeds. I want to make some chili powder.”

April 2014: Plant seeds in a tray. Add water and sunlight, the works.

10/13/2014 8:35:42 PM

How long can you store the home-made chili powder?

10/12/2014 4:06:58 PM

I like to make my own chile powder but you need to use some caution. You grind it very fine and when you remove the lid the powder will waft out. I find it better to plug in my coffee grinder outside if possible and make small amounts at a time. Be very careful to not breathe it or let it drift into your eyes. Otherwise it is easy enough and very tasty.

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