How to Inventory Your Pantry

| 1/25/2018 9:34:00 AM

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It’s funny how a new year brings a renewed sense of purpose and goal-making, but also seems to motivate many of us to tidy the house up and get those closets organized. This could be in part to cold weather causing us to spend more time indoors for organizing. One area of focus I am concentrating on in my household is my prepper pantry. We typically use the food in our prepper pantry and rotate in more when needed. This year, we have used a lot of it and, in the process, things have gotten a bit out of sort.

If you are looking for ways to get your prepper pantry organized, here are a few tips to get you all organized for the new year.

Assess the clutter. The best way to see what you have and organize it properly is to take everything off the shelves. This is a great time to take out expired food, wipe off the shelves and start a new organizing system. As well, create a pile of food to donate. Usually, if we have any extra canned goods or boxed meals that my family is not interested in, I’ll set these aside for donating to churches and food pantries.

Any opened food boxes or food packets should be sealed in heavy duty zip-lock bags or placed in plastic bins. This protects your food sources from insect infestations.

Organize how you will group the food. Everyone has their own way of organizing. A person can group like items together such as soup, fruit, vegetables, meat, snacks, breakfast, baking needs, etc., or group them alphabetically. In my household, I am a big believer in large baskets and containers with labels. For my busy family having like items grouped together seems to work best for us. But, it really does not matter as long as it is organized to your liking. A labeling system is another great way to organize the pantry and seems to help other family members understand where things should go. Additionally, adding the date of purchase and expiration date to the label will save you some time in the future.

1/26/2018 8:09:16 AM

I write the expiraton date on the front of each can, month and year with a Sharpie. However, I just use this to determine which cans are oldest, and use these first. Manufacturers are required to place an expiration date on there cans. However, these vary by manufacturer. Cans manufactured on the same day can have widely varing expiration dates. If the can is still in good shape and the fod smells fine, I eat it, even long after it has expired. I have a book about long term food storage and the author says she has eaten vegetables from cans 10 years old.

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