How to Find Local Food and Farmers

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Now that you’ve probably heard about the benefits of eating locally grown food, you’ll want to check out the following searchable databases. They’ll have you chowing down on regional grub in no time. Most of these sites allow you to enter your ZIP code or at least search by state. And some even allow you to narrow your search to something as specific as ‘pumpkin patches’ within ’50 miles’ of ‘Phoenix, Arizona,’ or ‘local food restaurants’ in ‘Lawrence, Kansas.’ Scroll to the bottom to find local food producers outside the United States.

Local Harvest

Real Food. Real Farmers. Real Community.

Search for farmers markets, CSAs (community supported agriculture groups), co-ops and restaurants featuring local food.

Eat Wild

The #1 Site for Grass-Fed Food & Facts

Search for grass-fed meat and dairy.

Local Food Directories

State-by-state resources from the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

Eat Well Guide

Wholesome Food from Healthy Animals

USDA List of Farmers Markets

Search for farmers markets nationwide. 

USDA CSA Resources

Find community supported agriculture programs to join in your area.

Green People Directory

From the Organic Consumers Association, a list to help locate food producers and other merchants in your community

Chefs Collaborative Local Food Search

Chefs come here to locate local farmers, and you can locate restaurants serving up local fare.

Food Routes

The organization that helps other organizations rebuild community food systems also helps you find local food producers in your area.

Gourmet Magazine 2007 Restaurant Guide

This year’s list of great American restaurants focuses on those whose chefs are taking locally sourced ingredients in new and exciting directions.


Real Food Directory: London Listings

From the Times Online, find the best restaurants, local produce and markets in the London area.

If you know of more resources to help people find the world’s best food (locally grown, that is!), please share it in the comments section below. I’m especially interested in regional rather than national guides, and also international sources.

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