How to Cook Corn in a Cooler

| 11/27/2016 3:40:00 PM

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What is cooler corn? Well, it’s corn that’s been cooked in a cob inside of a cooler! Making corn in a cooler is an excellent way to serve a large crowd where any other size of pot would just not be enough. Through this ingenious method, you can cook a lot of corn at once even if you don’t know how much you would need to cook for the crowd.

This is one of those genius ideas that people are hesitant to try for the first time, but once they have done it, they go all like “Wow! Why didn’t I do that before?” And all you need is a regular size cooler; you know the kinds you take on your camping trips to keep the beer cool or in sporting events.


Who Discovered This Genius Method?

While we don’t know who exactly thought of this idea first, the word is that a handful of camping sites first mentioned this way on their blogs. This probably proves the first person who cooked corn inside of a cooler, did so out of lack of resources.

But don’t worry — you don’t have to love camping to make corn. All you need is the best cooler you've got and a whole bunch of maize to feed the hungry crowd.

Materials and Directions

One of the very reasons this corn cooking method got so popular in recent times is that it doesn’t require any extra tools. All you need is a bucket load of corn, a cooler container, and boiling water to pour inside of the container along with the corn. Yes! It is that simple, and it doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to get soft and yummy corn that is ready to serve.

11/30/2016 8:19:16 PM

Sweet, white corn. We get a nice crop here in Sacramento. Goes great with a grilled Tri-Tip. I will alert the other cook of the house to this new way to cook the corn. Thanks!

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