How To Boost Nutrition Using Whey

| 1/28/2015 10:27:00 AM

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“Little Miss Muffet, sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey…” Whey? Wait a minute! What was she eating?

Whey is the liquid that remains after milk is curdled and strained. The thin layer of liquid that forms on fresh yogurt is whey. If you’ve ever tried making your own cheese or yogurt, you may be amazed at how much whey is leftover. Full of protein and nutrients, whey is a versatile ingredient in its own right. Miss Muffet’s mom knew what was good for her, but somewhere along the way, we forgot the many wonderful uses for whey.

Soaking grains and beans: whole grains, beans, and legumes are an essential part of a balanced diet, but they can be difficult to digest. Soaking the grains in a solution of whey and water helps neutralize phytic acid, which can block the absorption of important minerals. It also reduces gastric distress and increases the body’s ability to absorb calcium, copper, magnesium, and zinc. For each cup of whole grain, bean or legume, mix 2 tbsp whey with 1 cup warm water. Soak at room temperature for at least 7 hours prior to cooking. For maximum benefit, soak the ingredients in a covered, non-reactive container for 24 hours prior to cooking. Renew the soaking solution by draining and mixing a new batch of whey water every 12 hours. Drain and rinse the grains or beans before cooking.

Substitute whey in baking: For savory dishes, whey can be used as a substitute for water, lemon juice, or skim milk. It can also be added to smoothies.

Lacto-ferment raw vegetables using whey: Fermentation allows beneficial microorganisms to naturally develop, as carbohydrates in vegetables are broken down. The ancient art of “pickling” cabbage to make sauerkraut is perhaps the best- known example of fermentation. In this informative video, Mother Earth News Managing Editor Jennifer Kongs demonstrates how to make traditional German sauerkraut.

Carrots, ginger, kohlrabi and garlic make a delicious kraut.

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