Homemade Triticale Chia Cracker Recipe

| 7/9/2014 10:44:00 AM

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Homemade Triticale Chia Crackers

Crackers are the finger paintings of the homemade bread world; easy to prepare, an open canvas for creativity, and never disappointing. Even if you’ve never made a successful loaf of yeast bread, you’ll find that crackers go together quickly, are easily adaptable to whatever ingredients you have at hand, and can be a last minute addition equally welcome at a dinner party or beside a simple bowl of soup.

Basic Cracker Ingredients

At their simplest, crackers are made from flour, liquid, and fat. The flour used can be anything from unbleached white flour to barley flour to corn flour and everything in between. I chose whole-grain triticale flour for this particular recipe.

Use wine, milk, buttermilk, beer or even yogurt for the included liquid. I used water in my recipe as I didn’t want the liquid to overshadow the other ingredients. Water lends a neutral flavor and doesn’t fight for dominance like wine or buttermilk might.

Most people think that crackers must be made using butter, lard, or shortening. Indeed, it would be easy to come to this conclusion if you were reading the ingredient lists of many store-bought crackers. In fact, packaged crackers were one of the last products to get rid of hydrogenated fats. Hydrogenated fats allowed the crackers to sit on the shelf for years before becoming stale. I don’t want my homemade crackers to hang around for that long. In fact, I am a little leery of a baked product that does last that long! Therefore, I used olive oil in this particular recipe, but if you want a richer cracker, butter is always a good choice.

Optional Cracker Ingredients

We can create a beautiful painting using only red, yellow, and blue finger paint and we can create a tasty cracker using only flour, liquid and fat. But sometimes we want to jazz things up with a dab of brown or green or turquoise paint, or in the case of crackers; seeds, herbs, spices, other flavorings or leavening agents.

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