Homemade Peach Jam Recipe

| 6/17/2016 11:32:00 AM

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Wow! Spring has been very busy at Hudson’s Farm on the Cement Pond down here south of Houston, but summer is quickly approaching. Everything has come in early — including our best crop of peaches.

Okay, so it’s really only our second full crop, and it came in at a whopping 63 pounds on our little 10-foot tree. We had to cover it with netting to keeps the birds at bay back in mid-April. The branches were sagging and weighted down from all of the peaches and the net. The tree looked relieved when the final peach was picked and the net removed as if a heavy burden and responsibility had been lifted from its “shoulders." You did well tree, you did well.

A Pile of Peaches

As we are still learning about the tree, the peaches were picked around the same time but they were ripening at different rates. Initially, this concerned me, but it has been nice in hindsight because it has allowed me to process the fruit over several weekends as opposed to having a hectic weekend of canning peaches.

Last year, we froze most of the peaches to be used in pies, cobblers and ice creams. This year, it was time to replenish our peach jam stock. 2014 was a good year, but come on, fresh peach jam rules. In addition, I canned some in syrup and made a peach and pepper salsa.

Recipe Notes and Modifications

I stuck with the ol’ standby Ball recipe using their regular pectin. However, this year I added/tested two modifications to my process.

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