Homemade Lime Curd Recipe

| 5/26/2015 12:17:00 PM

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I was joking with my husband the other day that if I had my own restaurant, I’d call it Lime. Everything on the menu would either contain or be served with limes: margaritas, mojitos, small plates from a variety of cuisines--anything where lime comes out to play. Central to the dessert menu would be this incredibly versatile, undeniably delicious, homemade lime curd.

Spooned over ice cream, slathered over a slice of warm brioche, or used as a filling for tarts, cupcakes, layer cakes, or meringues, this oozing mixture of sugar, limes, eggs, and butter adds a bright, fresh acidity and craveable sweetness to anything it touches.

Lime zest is processed with the sugar for an explosion of lime flavor, freckling the finished product with fragrant flecks of green.  A hint of coconut rum or vanilla adds a bit of complexity.

Be sure to mix the lime-sugar, eggs, and yolks together very thoroughly before adding the lime juice. This promotes a smoother, more luscious curd by preventing the acid in the juice from coagulating the protein in the eggs too quickly.

A thicker curd for piping into cupcakes and spreading between layers of cake will require a few more minutes of cooking, while a thinner curd for folding into whipped cream or topping ice cream will require fewer. Yield: about 2 cups lime curd.

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