Familia: A Homemade Granola Recipe

The delicious homemade granola Familia, also known as Muesli, is a nutritious food developed by the Swiss.

| November/December 1970

Reprinted with permission from Willamette Bridge. 

Familia (also known as Muesli) is a grain, fruit and nut combination developed by the Swiss. Some friends living in the Bay Area gave me the recipe and I, in turn have passed it on to others—most of whom had never heard of the mixture.

Doing some research on Familia, I have found that a few large grocery and health food stores stock it already packaged. But some ingredients are left out, and it's also so expensive, that many of us couldn't afford it. It's much more inexpensive, and more enjoyable to make your own.

Supplemented with fresh vegetables and fruits Familia is a perfect survival food, containing everything your body needs to stay healthy. You may use it cooked as a hot cereal, uncooked as a cold cereal, in breads, cookies, or eat it as it is.

Originally, I intended to use Familia as a nutritious supplement to a city diet, but if you're into backpacking trips and mountain living, it's the answer for a perfect, lightweight compact food.

Here is the recipe for a 15 lb. batch.

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