Homemade Cordials are the Best: With Recipe for ‘Quarante-Quatre’

| 2/1/2018 9:53:00 AM

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While citrus season is in full swing, make this delicious orange flavored cordial.

If you’ve followed my posts for the past couple years, you know that I like to make fruit cordials — catch up here for previous recipes for limoncello, cherry pit cordial, spiced apple cordial and a Kahlua type cordial. All of these cordials make nice little gifts.

In the liquor store there now seems to be about any flavor vodka, flavored whiskeys and brandies and even an adulterated Irish Cream. I like to make my own so I know that the flavor comes from good fruit rather than some chemical compound and I probably save money, too.

Quarante-Quatre (translates to forty-four) is a very traditional French cordial. You’ll also find it, or variations of it, where French people have settled. It combines fresh orange and coffee, a classic marriage. I choose French Roast beans, of course.

I’ve no doubt that some French use their powerful marc to make this, but I like the warmth of gold rum and buy an inexpensive brand. The orange must be small enough to put into the jar you’re using. Try to find a thin-skinned orange, preferably organic, rather than a thick skinned Navel orange. The orange pictured is a beautiful Blood Orange.

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