Deluxe Cheese-Making Kits

The cheese-making kits from Gardener’s Supply Co. have everything you’ll need to craft a number of simple cheeses, including feta and farmhouse cheddar. Bring your own milk (BYOM).

| December 2016/January 2017


The cheese-making kits from Gardener’s Supply Company come with almost everything you’ll need to create a wide variety of homemade cheeses.

Photo by Gardener's Supply Company

Do you like giving cheesy holiday gifts? Then you’ll delight in the delicious offerings from Gardener’s Supply Co. The company now offers cheese-making kits, each complete with the ingredients, supplies, and recipes for crafting popular cheeses, from feta to farmhouse cheddar. The “Deluxe Cheese-Making Kit,” which retails for $39.95, has everything you need to make eight types of cheese — all the cook has to do is bring the milk!

Another kit option focuses more narrowly, on making 30-minute ricotta and mozzarella. The kits aren’t for one-time use, but rather include enough ingredients to make many batches. If your loved one isn’t a dairy diehard, the company also offers kits for homemade mustard and hot sauce. Browse your options by going to

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