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| 11/11/2011 12:22:43 PM

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Kashi, the premier natural food and lifestyle company, today launched The Kashi REAL Project — designed to raise awareness of the Real Food Deficit and amplify the work of great organizations who are working to keep real food in the minds and hands of communities throughout the country.  The Real Food Deficit, simply put, is the gap between Kashi’s vision for a healthy community and reality.  It’s a complex problem including everything from moms without the resources to prepare wholesome meals for their families and underserved neighborhoods that don’t have access to fresh produce, to kids growing up without positive influences and nutrition education.  The Kashi REAL Project brings attention to these issues and the dedicated organizations that introduce, for example, healthy eating habits to kids, double the value of food stamps at farmers markets and teach hands-on cooking classes, providing life-long tools people need to plan and prepare healthy meals for themselves and their families.

Throughout the year, Kashi will spotlight an organization working to reduce the Real Food Deficit on and on the Kashi page on Facebook.  For every person who raises awareness for the cause via the Facebook “Like” button and posts a statistic related to the Real Food Deficit to their Facebook wall, Kashi will make a donation to the featured organization up to a maximum amount.  The Kashi REAL Project is more than just making a donation—it’s about bringing attention to the issue.  And by raising awareness through social media like Facebook, it’s a way to empower people to inspire change in their own communities.

“We believe that real food can truly change people’s lives.  Unfortunately, many communities have limited resources to make an impact—and many people aren’t even aware of these issues,” says Jeff Johnson, senior nutritionist and natural lifestyle expert at Kashi.  “Our mission with the Kashi REAL Project is to help more people enjoy real, wholesome foods through education and greater access.  Together with the public’s voice and Kashi’s donation, we can make a difference.” 

This month, Kashi will donate $10 to HealthCorps® (up to $50,000) for every person who tells their friends via Facebook about the Real Food Deficit and HealthCorps’ efforts to drive positive change.*  HealthCorps places recent college graduates in high schools located in under-served communities to serve as health coordinators.  With a peer mentoring program in more than 50 high schools nationwide and an engaging curriculum developed by leading health and nutrition experts, HealthCorps fights the obesity and mental resilience crises by empowering students and communities across the country to take charge of their health.

“Helping more people enjoy real food is the mission that inspired us 25 years ago, and we’re eager to get others on board—knowing that we can inspire even greater change,” continues Johnson.  “From educating kids about nutrition labels to bringing fresh produce and nutritious foods into their everyday lives, the money HealthCorps receives will truly help our communities in a meaningful way.”

Kashi’s not stopping there.  Next up are more non-profits like Wholesome Wave and the Junior League’s Kids in the Kitchen.  To learn more about the Kashi REAL Project, or to support these organizations, visit or

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