Have Pumpkins? Have Cake!

| 2/19/2018 9:49:00 AM

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pumpkins in 3 sister method

Pumpkins just make me smile so, I love having them in the garden!  When we first decided to grow pumpkins for a farm crop we tried to decide which variety would be best.

Deciding Which Variety to Grow

We decided on two; Sugar Pie and Snack Jack. Sugar Pie is an Heirloom variety and we try to use as many Heirloom seeds as possible. We are seed savers here on the farm! Sugar Pie is also small and full of flavor which makes a good seller to restaurants. The seeds are also good for eating.

Snack Jack is great for the seeds! It is considered 'hulless'...it's really not but has a thin membrane over the seeds instead of a thick covering. You don't have to spend hours trying to crack the hull to get to that seed! The flesh of the Snack Jack is very edible and is also good in pies. These are also good sellers to restaurants because they can use the flesh and seeds!

When and How to Plant the Pumpkins Seeds

We like to plant the pumpkins with our Bloody Butcher corn and 'dry' beans...the three sisters method...where everything can be harvested in the Fall.

Since I love seeing pumpkins I do scatter some throughout our garden spaces! You can sow the seeds and get them started in organic material/soil and set them out in spaces when you're ready for them. In our area which is Zone 7, we do direct sowing of the seeds after the soil reaches 60 degrees. This is usually anywhere after May 10th.

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