Gluten-Free Lunches and Snacks

| 4/28/2011 6:31:18 AM

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I’ve asked one of my favorite bloggers and lunchbox experts to join me today with tips on packing vegetarian snacks and lunches.

Gluten-Free Lunchbox Tips, by Valerie of City|Life|Eats 


Last September, I started writing a series on my blog called Today’s Lunchbox, and it has received an amazing response. What was initially a week-long project to document a few gluten-free allergy-friendly lunchboxes became a month-long project.  Now it is well past the six month mark.  I mainly write about lunchboxes I bring to work (which generally include a lunch and a couple of snacks) but also weekend lunchboxes and travel lunchboxes.  What I love about writing this series is that it has such universal appeal.  Packing a tasty lunchbox is kind of like the "what's for dinner" conundrum - it can get boring fast and requires constant variety.

For those of us who follow a gluten-free diet, packing a lunchbox can also add a tremendous amount of ease back into our lives.   Following a gluten-free diet, whether because of a celiac diagnosis or non-celiac gluten intolerance, entails many changes, one of which is losing the ease of eating out, especially when on-the-go, whether on your lunch break or out on the weekends.  I know before switching to a gluten-free diet, I was very used to never having to plan where I would be eating, and what I would be eating.  This is no longer the case since switching to a gluten-free diet, discovering that I am intolerant to dairy and chicken eggs, and also choosing to avoid refined sugars and a few other foods that do not agree with me.

One of the things that has really helped me is to pack lunches and snacks.  I pack lunch all the time - even on weekends. It started with packing a few snacks, but eventually I moved to packing a whole lunch even on weekends.  I like not having to worry about reading labels or asking questions, particularly if I am trying to fit lunch into a short time slot. 


Julia Love
4/13/2013 11:38:58 PM

Just wanted to share another GF sandwich idea I found along the way - use spring roll wrappers to make your sandwich wrap. Dip the rice flour disc in water to moisten then stuff/wrap anything. My other discovery is substituting fresh mustard greens for parsley in tabbouleh - use young, tender leaves and remove the stem and chop finely. Gives the tabbouleh a great spicy bite!

Cheryl Harris
6/1/2011 7:34:32 PM

Love Valerie's lunchbox and ideas! and OMG are those nanaimos?

Shirley @ gfe
5/8/2011 7:37:48 PM

I love seeing all of Valerie's lunches. They always look so healthy and so darned good, too. I haven't gone the Bento route yet, but I should! Shirley

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