Renewable Energy Living: Genetically Modified Food Fight

The Green Gazette column shares renewable energy living topics, including everything you want to know about genetically modified food and the controversy surrounding it.

| August/September 2003

The Green Gazette column focuses on renewable energy living topics, this issue includes details on the most recent genetically modified food controversies.

Frankenfish Food Fight

Salmon genetically modified to grow faster are the newest battleground in the bioengineered food debate. The altered-fish controversy joins continuing concerns about the food safety, environmental risks and economic fallout of genetically modified (GM) corn, soy and rapeseed crops, and GM growth hormones used in dairy cattle.

Legislation to control the transport and labeling of GM salmon enjoys strong support from consumer, environmental and commercial fishing groups.

The transgenic salmon contain genes from the ocean pout fish and Chinook salmon and grow seven times faster than natural wild salmon. The GM males are more attractive to wild female salmon, leading to concerns that this modified species will outcompete and cause the extinction of smaller wild salmon species. (SOURCE: SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE)

Java, with GMOs on the Side

The coffee giant Starbucks is the target of a Fair Trade/No GMOs Campaign by the Organic Consumers Association (OCA). The effort is designed to get Starbucks to serve and promote Fair Trade coffee and to remove genetically engineered food ingredients from their food and dairy products.

Activists protested outside the company's Seattle headquarters during the 2003 annual shareholders meeting, and OCA has a "Send a Free Fax to Starbucks' CEO" offer on its website,

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