Insights on Food Sovereignty from Cuba

| 7/8/2016 1:04:00 PM

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Some experiences in life depend on our involvement. Much about our state of health is dependent on our environment. How we interact with our environment is dependent on our perspective. Perspective is an internal experience and quality.

As our mother planet heats up and the political body of humans is focused on conflict, it is only our inner world that we can control. We can redirect our attention to become dependent on what is in our souls, rather than in our hands, what is in the seed and soil, rather than the courts and board rooms.

Inner dependence can lead to sovereignty. It demands intention, awareness and practice. Often when we travel to a place that is new to us, our senses get sharp and our awareness awakens. This reaction is primarily for safety. We want to remember streets and roads, new addresses and landmarks along with new faces, names and language. This heightened awareness stimulates other thinking capacities as well.

Recently two members of the collective Grow Where You Are were selected to visit Cuba with on a food sovereignty tour. This exciting honor is still fresh in the hearts and minds of Nicole Bluh, Operations Coordinator, and Maricela Vega, Agroecology Intern. Below each of them shares a bit of their reflections about local food systems and the people at the center of them.

Cuba is in an energized transition at the same time that the toxic conspiracy of the corporate agribusiness system is being unmasked.


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