How to Keep Cheese from Molding

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Prevent your bulk cheese purchase from getting moldy by implementing this savvy reader-submitted tip.

A big block of cheese often costs less per pound than smaller sizes. We used to simply cut off cheese when we needed it, and store the bulk chunk in the fridge. Sometimes we couldn’t eat it fast enough to prevent the cheese from getting moldy, however, and we wondered whether we were really saving money after all.

After some experimentation, we’ve figured out a good way to store large amounts of cheese in the refrigerator. First, remove the plastic packaging entirely and slice off the amount of cheese you want for the immediate future. Then, wrap the remaining block in wax paper. Slide the wrapped cheese into an airtight container, and place it in the fridge. It stays fresh much longer this way!

Karen Stodola
Woodinville, Washington

Some cheese can also be successfully frozen. Only freeze cheese if you plan on cooking it, however, because the texture may change. — MOTHER