Which Grass-Fed Beef Labels to Trust

Find grass-fed beef by looking for these verified grass-fed labels on your meat packages.

| December 2015/January 2016

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Look for one of these four labels on your beef to verify it’s from cattle raised wholly on pasture.

Illustration courtesy American Grassfed Association

If you’re trying to buy more grass-fed beef, you may be one of the smart shoppers who knows that meat from grass-fed cattle is higher in key nutrients, including crucial omega-3 fatty acids (learn more about these in Richard Manning’s article Omega-3s and More: The Importance of Fat in a Healthy Diet).

Raising cattle on carefully managed pasture will also lead to healthier animals, whose meat is less likely to carry foodborne pathogens. Grass-fed production offers major environmental benefits, too, such as carbon sequestration. (For more on these topics, see The Many Benefits of Grass-Fed Meat.)

But labels can be misleading. Here are the verified, meaningful labels to look for to ensure your beef is from cattle that were grass-fed from birth to slaughter:

American Grassfed Association: Certifies producers using independent auditors.

Food Alliance Certified Grassfed: Also uses third-party verification.

U.S. Department of Agriculture Grassfed + USDA Process Verified: The USDA or a contracted independent auditor has verified compliance.

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