Food Loss and Waste Statistics and Solutions

| 4/4/2018 2:36:00 PM

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foodThe Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) has released their latest report on food waste, Characterization and Management of Food Waste in North America, which provides a closer examination of the main sources of food loss and waste in North American countries. The report focuses on more specific areas of food loss and waste, such as overproduction, product damages, lack of standardized date label practices, lack of cold-chain infrastructure, rigid food-grading specifications, and varying customer demand and market fluctuations.

While composing this report, researchers and investigators compiled a list of key findings about food loss and waste in North American countries, including some of the following:

• Canadians and Americans waste almost double as much food per capita as Mexicans do.

• The largest percentage of food loss and waste in North America is happening at the consumer level, with people throwing away approximately 67 million tons per year. Behind this, industrial, commercial, and institutional levels are responsible for about 51 million tons of food waste annually.

• 49 million tons of food are wasted pre-harvest, meaning that the food is thrown away before it is even brought to production, most likely for being considered unusable.


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