AmpleHarvest.Org Connects Gardeners With Local Food Pantries connects gardeners with their local food pantry so that healthy, locally-grown food can be shared with community members in need.

| June 06, 2013

A press release from is pleased to announce that the 6,000th food pantry, Sevier County Food Ministries in Sevierville TN, has joined 

Created by CNN Hero Gary Oppenheimer, is a four year old one-of-a-kind supply side channel for America’s food pantries that uses technology to link millions of home and community gardeners nationwide who have harvested excess garden produce to a nearby food pantry. 

These food pantries are helping to feed the nearly 1 in 6 Americans (including more than 1 out of every 4 children under six years old) who are food insecure – lacking access to an adequate supply of food or at real risk of it.  This “cloud solution for hunger” enables growers to share their excess food with neighborhood food pantries desperate for it.

According to Gary Oppenheimer, every additional food pantry that joins creates new opportunities for nearby growers to share their bounty instead of letting it rot in garden.  “Historically, gardeners did not know that they could donate the food nor where to donate it, and food pantries across America had no idea that there was fresh food already in the community that could help their clients.  Furthermore, food pantries have traditionally been reluctant to accept fresh food because of the lack of storage and refrigeration.’s innovative solution not only bridges the food to the need within the community but also eliminates the storage and refrigeration concerns.”

“The immediate impact of educating, encouraging and enabling growers to donate the food is that food waste is eliminated, the environment is improved and the nutritional needs of the community are met while the long term impact is community building and a reduction in food related illnesses such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension as freshly harvested food becomes available to the pantry clients – often for the first time” said Oppenheimer.

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